A parent cannot invite their son to Scoutbook

I have a parent and a scout (bsa id 134518160) in the troop. The parent can see and do everything except invite their son to use Scoutbook. We are having the scouts start to use Scoutbook and each family is inviting their son to Scoutbook using the process described in the help tutorial. One parent follows the process, but for step #5, there isn’t a “invite to connect” bar at the bottom of the page. Any ideas why?

the scout has already been invited - and logged in 4/21/21

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil - turns out after speaking with the parent some more, the email associated with the scouts account is not recognized when trying to login. How can we tell what email address is associated to the scout for a login id? Or can they use the Scoutbook UserID? The mom also said that she was stuck on a screen requiring her to setup SSO and didn’t know what BSA ID to use, hers or the scouts. I really don’t want to be in the middle of these issues. I am not tech support and I know Scoutbook doesn’t have a proper support any longer. How or where can I direct the parent for better support than me as the middle man? Thanks.

@RobertEberhart I sent you a private message.

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