Sending mail to youth memebers

Trying to get youth members who have email set up to be able to be selected. I don’t see any.

The Scout’s parent needs to invite the Scout to Scoutbook. The connected parent needs to log in to Scoutbook, click on the Scout’s name then Edit Extended Information. The place to add the Scout’s e-mail address and invite them to Scoutbook is near the bottom of the page.

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I’m one of the parents. I don’t see the link. When I got to profile I get redirected to new looking page. I don’t see where to send link. I’ll look again.

@ChristopherSaengvani It looks like your son already has his e-mail applied to his Scoutbook account.

Try having him create an account at my.scouting, but have him to to connect to his already existing BSA member number there.

he does, but had to go a different way to get him an invite.
by clicking on edit profile it goes to this :, that lets me see thing but not send out invite.
I had to his connections and then click on the Edit Profile page. there to send a link. i just sent it to see.

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