Adding email address to scout in Scoutbook

Troop Committee member and parent has not been able to successfully connect with the scout who is in the troop.

The parent’s BSA Member # is 13354654 and UserID is 10131250.
The scout’s BSA Member # is 131671811 and UserID is 2428333.

I asked this question previously on 27 September under heading " Parent Email Address for scouts"

We are aware that the scout had an email address that was either not working or stopped working - he had his provider issue a new one at some point. We think what happened is that when the parent initially connected with him the non-working email was used and the scout never got the connection message. Now when the parent tries to repeat making the connection it never allows an email address to be entered.

One result of this is that this scout is not listed as a possible recipient of Scoutbook messages which makes communicating with the scout difficult.

edavignon replied with


The parent is connected to the Scout. The Scout does not have an e-mail address in Scoutbook and has never been invited to join.

I was able to work with the scout and his mother tonight but we could not figure out how to add an email address for the scout. The mother was on the phone so I could not see her screen. The scout is unable to log in to his Scoutbook account.

Sorry to say we need additional help.
Thank you,
Stan Huhman

@StanleyHuhman What might work best at this point is to have the Scout create a my.scouting account and connect to his BSA member number 131671811.

I will ask him to do this.

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