Scout not receiving Troop emails from Scoutbook connections

My son does not receive the emails coming from Scoutbook connections. I receive them in my email and have to forward them to him. I cannot figure out to add his email to his profile in my Scoutbook account. I cannot grant him access to Scoutbook, because there is no “invite scout” button in his edit profile page. When I go to the messaging page, my son’s name is not visible, so I cannot send him a message (other Troop adults are visible on the page). I checked my connections, and I am connected to my son with full permissions. What do I have to do to grant my son access, so he can receive the Troop emails directly? Thanks.

@ChristopherDicicco It looks like your Scout has a my.scouting account that isn’t completely linked to his Scoutbook account.

I will send you a private message.

Jennifer, yes you are right. He has a my scouting account. We thought this might be part of the problem.

Have him log in to scoutbook using his My.Scouting user name and password and see if he can get in that way.

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