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Adding MBC to Scout Connection - "This Merit Badge Counselor cannot approve any merit badges this Scout is working on" Message

Hi! All,

I am advancement coordinator for Troop 544 in NHP and being using Scout Book for almost 4 years. Normally after issuing a blue card to scout for MB I also add the MBC to Scouts Connection in Scoutbook so if the MBC is in scoutbook he can approve his requirements if already in scoutbook else sent them invite to join. This is generally useful when you print the blue card the MBC information is also printed.

Recently I am not able to do so. When I try to add MBC to scout connection I get a message that “This Merit Badge Counselor cannot approve any merit badges this Scout is working on” but based on council list they are active MBC for their respective MB area. It used to work before.

Anyone else having similar issue? Anyone was able to work around this?

Yours in Scouting,
M Shajid Ali | Advancement Chair | BSA Troop 544

When you search for the MBC in Scoutbook using the MB Counselor Search function, do they appear? Scoutbook only allows connections to MBCs for MBs which they are listed as counseling. From the message you are receiving, I suspect the MBC does not counsel the MB you are trying to connect them for.

I am having the same issue. The MBC can be found as an existing user under our council on the “Connection Invite” screen but when the MBC relationship is checked, it returns the MBC cannot approve any merit badges message under “Approve Merit Badges” in the “Permissions” section. The MBC appears on the pdf listings provided by our council for the MB that has been added to the scout’s advancement record in Scoutbook. Does the MBC have to appear on the MB Counselor List in Scoutbook in order to approve MB requirements? Our MBC does not appear on that list. If that’s a prerequisite, what is the process of getting the MBC onto the Scoutbook MBC List?

The person has to have MBC position in Scoutbook.

Some Councils upload and control that list. Most do not do that yet, so units can add the MBC position

So if we wanted to add the MBC position at the unit level, would this be done in the Roster screen by adding the MBC as a Leader? What is the optimal set of permissions granted to the MBC? View Profile and View Advancement? At what point do we specify the MBs the MBC is allowed to approve?

when the MBC position is made by a unit - MBs are assigned at that time. If you do not see the option to give someone an MBC position it means your council did an upload - whether they are continuing to maintain it is a different matter

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View Profile is the minimum that they need in conjunction with MBC for specific merit badge(s).

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when you add an MBC to a Scout it defaults to that connection

This is not accurate I think as you can list yourselves as MBC for Unit/Council level only, these MBC will not show up in the MBC Search but you can till add then as MBC connection. We have come MBC like these and we are able to add them

I don’t think so as we have some MBC at our Unit level which doesn’t show up in Scoutbook MBC list and I am able search and add them

This will be a challenge I believe as if they are not in the Scoutbook then how do we invite them to scoutbook?

Correct you as add MBC position to the Adult Leader and choose which all MB they can approve (which of course should be listed with council), The connection permission for MBC is limited to View Profile and Approve MB

If they have an account at my.scouting.org, then they already have an account at Scoutbook (although they might need to link them together using Switch SSO Profile in Scoutbook).

That’s right, that’s why we are able to search them even if they have not signed in to Scout Book. But the question if they are not scout book without MBC position how is their MBC status getting updated/uploaded/synced to Scout Book. If we understand that process maybe get can get the Answer

If your local council has not uploaded their MBC list, then a unit can add them. The process is similar to adding an adult leader position to a unit.

  1. Go to the Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on their name or use the “Add Leader” button. If you use the “Add Leader” button, then use the “Search For Existing User” search for their name or e-mail address.
  3. Use the “+ Add Position / Role” button to add them as a Merit Badge Counselor. (Technically, MBC is not a unit position, but if your council has not uploaded the MBC list, this is how you add them in Scoutbook until they do.)

This is a good suggestion. Hope it doesn’t associate the MBC with the troop who is adding them to their roster. Only minor concern will be with reference to management of the listing. This mean anyone who add them to their Roster can manage their listing including Availability and Listing preference. As an MBC I myself I would not like that. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t do it without their permission.

Right. Keep them unlisted. Assign them to Scout and leave it at that.

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