Add Pack Meetings and Non Adventure Meetings to Den Leader Experience

I would like to utilize the Den Leader Experience even more by adding our Pack Meetings as well as Pinewood Derby Meetings and maybe even some other non required or elective meetings such as a den hike. Is this possible? And how would I go about doing this?

Also- is there a way to customize the actual elements of the meeting “during” section? I would like to complete different requirements than what is listed. I’m currently keeping track of those requirements and manually adding them into Scoutbook.

@JamesStewart1 - PLEASE do NOT use the DLE

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@Stephen_Hornak - but why? I’m a new Den Leader and this has give me some framework to go off of. I think it was helpful for me when I started planning our schedule and it does give some great ideas for activities that are not specific to just the requirements for each adventure.

@JamesStewart1 - theee are a multitude of issues with it including the meeting schedule. Additionally i doubt there will be the type of enhancements you are looking for.

OK- do you just suggest that we use the calendar in Scoutbook instead to accomplish this? I’m seeing our Pack calendar in there that shows two dens’ worth of meetings.

@JamesStewart1 - my suggestion is to use scoutbook completely. Meetings created in DLE can not be deleted or revised while the scoutbook events can be.

What I found helpful with DLE was that it also gave me the number of meetings that each adventure would require. Maybe since i’ve already started using DLE now and have meeting scheduled, i’ll use it for framework, however use Scoutbook for everything else.

@JamesStewart1 - that sounds like a plan… and there is also this:

Thanks @Stephen_Hornak. I’m well aware of this and have used it as reference too. It would be great if the DLE had the flexibility and functionality we need as den leaders.

@JamesStewart1 - understood, but I doubt you will see much for the DLE in the near or far term…sort of a dead end

Got it! Thanks for the insight and help my friend. Appreciate it so much!

@JamesStewart1 - no problem… just wanted you to avoid going down a not well maintained trail. We have never used the DLE and based on the number of reported issues I have told them not to use it ever

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