Can't set up my Den meetings

I need help. My Den was set up as lions and the meetings were created. We realized that they needed to be set up as Wolves instead so we advanced them to reflect they were wolves but the meetings still reflected lion level material. We went in and got rid of all the lion meetings but we can still not set up the meetings for wolves. Does anyone know how we can set up the Den at the wolves level?


@JenniferRitenour - are you on scoutbook or the Den Leader Experience? Please use scoutbook instead as that is far better way to work.

I was in the Den leader experience but I do not know how to get the wolves schedule to populate. I don’t see how you can auto do it in in Scout book only in the Den leader experience.

You are correct, there is not an automatic way in Scoutbook to set up den meetings.

However, the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome does provide repeating events.

Most of us prefer the flexibility of planning our own schedule of den meetings and determining what to do when, then entering that into the calendar. Being stuck with whatever the DLE creates has caused many to refuse to use it. And tell others to avoid it.

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@JenniferRitenour - I would echo what Doug has posted. I have seen far too many complaints about the DLE to not even mention its existence to my den leaders. You are far better off in scoutbook.

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If you really want to use den leader experience, I believe you’d want to move all the Lion meetings to the past and then re-set up the den.

I tried that and it still didn’t work. It said the meetings were already set up. I was going to take the preset up meetings and move them around our schedule. I can’t seem to get them to re-create.

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