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Adding New Calendar Events with RSVP, but everyone is not showing up to be able to RSVP

I added two new calendar events, 1st added weekly troop meeting with RSVP for event. All adult and youth members showed up to be able to RSVP. Then added new camping calendar event for summer camp with RSVP all youth and only 3 of the adults show up with the ability to RSVP for the event. How do I get it so all troop individuals appear for all RSVP events?

@ShannonNiedecken - this may help:

The section on invitees is where you may want to work. If you click on invitees you should be able to add more adults.

Thank you. I figured it out now

@ShannonNiedecken - excellent. There are some basic leader presets that will be tagged based on the event type. Some might argue that they are not reflective of what units do, but it is a starting point for invitees.

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