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Adding OA lodge Advisor to profiles Position page?

I wish to add a new leader position to my scoutbook profile, OA Lodge Advisor. It does not show up as an option no matter what type of unit I state I am. Neither can i show that i am part of the Council board, which is of much less of interest to me. Can these positions be shown or no?

Also can OA Lodge patch be shown in profile same as the council patches?

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With the exception of Unit Commissioner, Scoutbook only supports unit positions. There are items in the backlog to add additional positions but at this time we do not know if the BSA will add them.


Do our lodge flaps actually get registered with nationals? I didn’t think that they were “logged” somewhere such that Scoutbook could pull the lodge flap graphic for display.

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Although registered with units, my understanding is that the Chartered Organization Representative is a Council Scouter position (and also a member of the unit key-3 leadership.)

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Very few people understand this distinction. Since the Charter Org Rep is registered with the unit, as far as Scoutbook is concerned, it is a unit position.

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