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Is there a way for all Positions (Pack and Troop) for the Leaders to be all together on their own profile?

I have been a Webelos Den Leader and Treasurer with the Pack, Secretary and Advancement Chair with the Troop. My Leadership positions only show Pack with the Pack and Troop with the Troop.

Is there a way for the Pack and Troop position combined for leaders, since we are to track the positions and time in order to fill out the Leader awards information for council?

All positions for an adult leader should be listed on their My Account -> My Positions page.

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Then why am I not able to see the ones from the Pack and Troop when I lookup a Leader to see the years of Service for them together it either gives me Troop or Pack but not both together.

When trying to add a position it won’t let you add one for the Pack if you are on Roster for Troop.

Are you talking about for yourself or others?

I am talking about me going into others Positions and looking for the information to submit for Leader Awards.

it only shows you positions regarding your unit. It is actually a personal privacy thing as this is not related to your oversight of them and also should have no control on those positions. Scoutbook is a Unit level tool


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So to understand if we are submitting Leader awards for a veteran and need to have the dates but not telling them we are submitting the award then we have no way to find all of the positions they have been in leadership for their lifespan in scouts.

I am looking for a way to get all of the leadership positions a person not myself has been in to be able to submit an award on their behalf.

There should be a way for Scoutbook to add a feature where the Leadership follows the person and not just split between pack or troop.

You can also ask your district or council for the information.

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You should be able to get a list from your Council Registrar.


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Thank you. It would just be easier to get it from Scoutbook so we don’t have to request the information since it is in Scoutbook.

What is preventing you from asking the other leader to confirm their leadership positions and dates? That would get you the info you need without giving you access to parts of their profile unrelated to your unit.

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Our previous Committee Chair asked each leader to submit a Scouting resume (using a basic templet) each year or so if he didn’t have one on file. This was then used for awards etc.

We had a recent case where the district actually ended up having to ask the nominee for information because council’s records were both fragmentary and (due to reductions in professional staff) there was inadequate support to dig out the information. Ideally, everything is shown at council, but it is often the case that information, particularly historical leadership information from other councils, is not 100% present in council’s data. Even if it were all present, it’s not clear how available that information might be to a unit, given the argument behind not making it available in Scoutbook is individual privacy. I’m not sure how going from “unit querying the database” to “unit querying council” overcomes that argument. If it’s privileged information, it doesn’t lose that privilege just because you ask council for it.

I do think that a “scouting resume” is a good idea, though. I’m going to poke our CC about doing something like that. We often have people who serve in multiple roles, whether that’s their registered role or not. So, I could easily see us nominating someone for an award for which they are not, on paper, eligible, because of how they were actually registered.

Asking your district / council for the information on an individual case by case basis sounds better to me than making every leader’s Scouting position history available to other leaders in the unit. But that’s JMO. The Scouter resume also sounds like a good idea.

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Yeah, I tend to lean the same direction personally, but I think that we as an organization should at least try to get into the habit of being internally consistent about the arguments we make for things. If it’s not public information, it’s not public information and you can’t get it by calling council, either. If we’re going to say it’s only available to Key 3 for specific purposes because it’s “semi-private” information, then we should implement things (or at least plan to implement things) based on that rationale both through our digital interfaces and our “personnel” interfaces. It just seems like so many decisions that are made involve the left and right hands not knowing what the reasoning is, or sometimes not even knowing there was a decision at all. I’d like to see us be more consistent in how the decisions are made and implemented.

I believe this would likely not be a one-at-a-time deal, as arguably unit-level leaders could all be potentially eligible for some sort of award. Since scouters are notoriously reticent to tell you about their accomplishments, one would likely need to call the council to get info on each leader. I suspect a unit that’s seriously trying to develop their “history database” would likely have an interaction something like “Hi, I’m Joe Scouter from Unit 12345 and we’re trying to put together a database of our unit-level leaders’ full scouting leadership history to check out awards for which they might be eligible. If I email you a list of names, can you tell me all of their past scouting positions?” No? OK, How about I just send you one name this week, and one name each successive week until I make my way through the list…Hello? Hello? Hunh, musta been a bad connection." :rofl:

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What makes it so hush hush?

I am just wondering as if they are leaders and supposed to be available to the unit why are their past positions at other Units that they are not affiliated with anymore so hushed wouldn’t you want that available to at least the Unit so they could ask questions to that person?

Wouldn’t that be available to at least the key 3 in scoutbook or the Unit admin in scoutbook?

I don’t have an issue asking the council for so don’t get me wrong but we are supposed to look within the Unit first and then ask Council or Commissioners as needed since they are so busy

I do like the idea of doing a scouting resume.

Let’s flip your question over… Scoutbook is a unit management tool, not a leader management tool. How does having this information available make it a better tool for unit management? I just don’t see where knowing that Joe Scouter used to be the Pack 123 Cubmaster helps run Trop 789…

We all know that resources are limited and not everything that we want done can be done. Why should this functionality (which, in my opinion is non-core to the application) be implemented instead of some other, unit-supporting functionality?

I have been doing some thinking about this and based on some other outflow of BSAID I think other variables come into play here. So, if scoutbook tracked every bit of leader tenure over multiple units, councils and districts how would it hold onto the data and id’s from former units, districts and councils. When the entities no longer exist who are you going back to talk with anyway ? Beyond that I personally would never accept any scouting award that I was nominated for as that is not why I am involved. I am not about collecting awards to show how great I am.

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That’s a whole different kettle of fish, and could easily fill a thread of its own with varying opinions on why leaders should (or shouldn’t) receive/accept awards.

@CharleyHamilton - yup… you are right on that one… But honestly though the data babysitting would and could become tangled.