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Parenst are connection but cannot make leaders

Hello I have two parents in two different dens who are excited to become leaders but I cannot find them when I try to add a leader? I have their BSA ids as “connections” for their scouts but it says not found when i try to add as a leader. What can I do, do ot want to them to lose intereste

The parents must be registered leaders with the BSA to be listed as leaders in Scoutbook. They need to complete Youth Protection Training and complete and adult leader application and criminal background check authorization.

If you post the Scoutbook User ID or BSA Member ID (no names) we can determine if they are registered with another unit.

BSA MEMBER ID- 136550553

BSA MEMBER ID - 12693639
USERID - 8559276

I hope that is the information you need

Parent #1 is only registered as a Tiger Cub Adult. This is not a registered leader position.
Parent #2 was last registered as New Member Coordinator in 2019.

Both will need to register for 2022 in order to be added as leaders on the Scoutbook roster.

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Can you check BSA ID 137333376
USERID 11928574
Lion Mom that I cannot add to her son’s den in any fashion.
She is in our roster in my.scouting.org as Lion Adult Partner

Lion adult partner is not a registered leader. She is connected to her son who is a Lion. Unless she registers, she cannot be added to the leader roster in Scoutbook.

I’m having the same problem with updating my leaders. One is our cubmaster so I know that he’s registered. The other is a new leader and when I look at my roster, she shows up as a Den Leader (it should be a Tiger Den leader).
Member ID 134115013 for the new leader
Member ID 136049169 for the Cubmaster
Neither come up when i try to add them as leaders in the den with full control.

@CarynMellom, if your recharter just posted in my.scouting.org (i.e. your charter expiration date is now in 2022 instead of 2021), I would give it a few days before trying to rearrange the adults’ positions in Scoutbook. It may take some time for everything to synchronize so that they are reflected as “currently registered”. The Scoutbook system might still be seeing a 2021 expiration date, and kicking them back as “not currently registered”.

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Both of these leaders are in the registration grace period. There is an issue where Scoutbook is not properly accounting for leaders in the grace period. We expect this issue to be fixed soon.

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@CarynMellom After your pack’s recharter is fully processed, I would recommend having your Chartered Org. Rep. or DOR Delegate use the Position Manager at my.scouting to update the Den Leader to Tiger Den Leader, and any other positions, if needed.

I’m in the opposite position. I’m the Bear Den Leader but my younger son is a Lion this year. I was connected to him on Scoutbook but now he’s no longer appearing on my list of connections nor can I “locate” him to do so (though he’s still in Scoutbook).

@NathanBouvier you council seemed to have fat fingered the application - have them look at
137479911 it is supposed to be you. I will fix connection to son

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