Adding Parent Permission

I have a parent not part of our committe that i wanted to add into scoutbook leadership. I have done this several times for non regogizned positons. For some reason the button is no longer there to add a leader We have a popcorn kernel who needs to run a pack report.

Where did the option go to do this?

Only registered adults can have Scoutbook leader positions of any kind

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@DavidLafko - what kind of report does this parent need ?

Pack roster that they can export

So I can’t make a treasurer or other positions. Like we use to be able to. There are lots of things parents do that they used scoutbooks for in positions that bsa can’t register them for

@DavidLafko treasurers - popcorn kernals - are all supposed to be committee members that are registered

If you gave the parent View Profile for all Scouts they might be able to get the report - not sure if they would have the interface for it. But you can also generate it yourself and hand it off to them

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@DavidLafko - i trust that you know the difference between registered position and functional roles. Unit fundraising is a committee functional role and as such is done by the registered committee members with unit participation.

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