Adding participants to activity logs

Okay, so I create an event. (I am a den leader). After the event has occurred, I click the edit icon. Add the people who participated, add the number of hours, hit edit and finish (no other option) and a little window pops up … “Error … An error has occurred while processing this rest”

The new information is not kept. Why??? What am I missing?

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Is this in internet advancement or the den leader scoutbook?

I have the same problem. Did you get a response?

Only yours at this time

Internet Advancement

This seems to be an ongoing issue for some folks. Is there anybody from the IT group that can turn this issue in to the appropriate people?

@ConnieRoller Might be better to change the Sub forum to My.scouting tools instead of cub scout program.

This looks like a permission error. Are you trying to add anyone outside of your den to the event?

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