Unable to edit camping entry

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This is the exact error I get. I created the activity but it will not let me add people. So no one is getting credit.

Also, get an error for choosing “Northern Tier- Charles Sommers Canoe Base” from the drop-down window. Gives me an error because it is too many characters…but it is in the drop-down. I don’t get it.

@ChristineBaggette - I would abbreviate the name as it is not critical to what the real data needs to be.

I did that…but just mentioning it. The real issue is not being able to add people to the activity.

Well… here is what worked for me. Start at the roster, select the attendees then click record progress, select camping, create new activity and set the dates and other detail then save.

Thank you. I did that and it worked. then deleted the original entry.

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@ChristineBaggette - wooo hooo :slight_smile:

We used to be able to create the event in advance and then populate them after the event occurred by editing the event to add participants. For some unknown reason, that is no longer possible?? It says “an error has occurred” when you try to edit the event.
Any way we can get that error fixed?

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@MichelleJoyce - try this

  • In IA unit roster, check off the scouts and adults (make sure on the Show dropdown to also check adults)
  • once all are selected click on Record Progress and select the item (it will show advancement, service hours campout and hike)
  • New window opens showing the selected people and the calendar. Select the appropriate start date then click on create new activity.
  • fill in the details in the details window.then click the green record button at the bottom of that window

I believe that SUAC Indicated that it had been put in front of development, but I don’t recall if it had been identified as resolved or not. I don’t think so (can’t find it in the changelogs), but that’s not a guarantee.

Yes, that works but I’m trying to figure out why I cannot add participants to events that were already created without having to re enter the whole event…used to work but now only gives an error message when you try to edit the event???

@MichelleJoyce - unless you can get into the API module that would not be visible to you. The dev team is aware but no ETA on the fix

Wait, wait, hang on, I get this error message too. Are y’all saying that it’s impossible to add scouts to an existing event? If so, that’s not going to work for us.

I’m trying to move the last seven years of activities from Troopmaster into SB/IA. I’ve entered the activities for the last 3 years or so, and want to edit to enter the scouts. You’re saying that’s not possible?

I tried entering it from the roster, too, by selecting the scouts and then finding the event. That didn’t work either, I got the same error. Browser console shows it’s a 500 error code from the server.

BTW even if entering from the roster did work, I’d have to click backwards one month at a time… for 1-7 years… at the furthest in the past, that is some 80 clicks per event.

Previously, it was possible. At some point, a bug was introduced, and now it doesn’t work reliably. Currently, I haven’t seen a published fix notice from BSA development via the SUAC. Development does not publish timelines for bug fixes.

Is there some way I can volunteer on the dev team, or are they full-time paid employees?

Anyway, I hear it’s ASPX and I don’t do ASPX :frowning:

The BSA does not use volunteer developers.

@SatyajitPhanse - if you follow the instructions I posted above yours it will work

@Stephen_Hornak I have no doubt that will work. However it appears that the instructions are for making a new activity from a selection of scouts from the roster. I need to add scouts to existing activities without having to re-enter everything.

The current workaround is to delete the existing activity and recreate using Stephen’s instructions or create a duplicate activity with the additional scouts.

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@edavignon Sorry, no, that will take far too long. I don’t have that kind of free time. Our troop will just have to defer switching to SB/IA again.

Having the exact same problem with Service Hours - won’t let you add to the existing event. Even worse is from the Roster we can’t select adults!