Internet Advancement Issue - Adding Activity and Attendees

Went in to add a camping trip. I can enter date, location etc. The moment I try to enter scout attendees the system closes the event and will not allow addition of any attendees. I saved the event without attendees and it is there, but does not allow addition using this process.

Sounds like it’s probably the same underlying issue as this report: Can't edit Camping in Activity Logs

Per SUAC on that thread, the developers are looking into it on Monday. I would keep an eye on the change logs for IA2 to see when the fix hits.

Once it does, based on my experience, you’ll probably need to do a forced reload of the page to see the change.

This has already been reported - seems to just be camping

Yup, just camping. Service hours works just fine.

@JamesSpiegelberg - this should be working now

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