Internet Advancement "whoops" error

I am trying to add a scout to an event that I had created. I have tried numerous times but I keep getting the “whoops we have encountered an issue” error message. All of the associated hiking, and service logs are correct but the camping is missing 1 attendee. Also, for the service hour event at the same date of service I tried to add additional adults who also helped but I could not populate or input names etc. What’s going on with all of these errors? Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Troop 350 from Buffalo Trace Council, Native Trails District. I am the advancement chair.

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Apparently there is a bug in IA that will not let us add participants to an activity after it has been created and saved. I’ve been told the developers are aware, but I haven’t seen an ETA for fixing it.
At this point, you can enter a duplicate event with the additional people, or hold your update until the problem is fixed.

Others have made a new event, added everyone to the new one and deleted the old. Cleaner, but more work.

I see no option to delete said event. They really need to fix this problem. :frowning: so I am going to just duplicate the event and have 1 attendee… argh

@LeneWalters -

How to Remove / Delete an Activity
The steps are:
Edit the activity
Remove all of the people who participated in the activity.
When you remove the last person, an option will appear to “Yes, Delete Activity” or “Remove Person Only”
NOTE: Activities imported from Scoutbook in April 2020 cannot be edited or deleted.

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I also see this when trying to folks to an entry that at the moment has 0 participants.

The error message is:
Error. Whoops! Looks like we encountered an issue temporarily. Please try again later.

If developers can’t fix this bug now, they should at very minimum change the error message as I’ve been going back for days thinking it was indeed a temporary issue and trying again later I could add the boys to the activity.

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Hey Stephen, I seem to recall a recent update to allow edits to the Apri 2020 logs. On my phone now, so lookup is a problem.

And I don’t make log entries.

@DougWright - I think you are correct. Will have to find that change log and edit my post. Thanks

And here it is thanks to Doug.

I have created new activities but still get the whoops error…

@StephanieDoerner - start at the roster, select scouts then click record progress and follow from there.

I am so glad to see I am not the only one. I’ve been trying to enter service hours since Saturday and cannot make it happen. I’m having the same errors as the rest of you, and now from Scoutbook on a computer, it won’t even log me in to Internet Advancement. Still available on mobile devices though.

@MichelleK - I have had success by starting at the roster in IA, selecting adults and scouts then clicking on record progress then creating the event.

Yes, thank you. I’m gonna try again with a larger event. It just means triple checking before saving. :grin:

@MichelleK - it is actually better because I have an actual count on participation and times/day so I can customize before saving.

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