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Calendar Use?

  1. If an event is only for one patrol, are they the only ones that can see the event on the calendar or is it displayed for the whole unit and just limited to editing by those adults in that patrol?
  2. If not one is “invited” can everyone see the event anyways (guessing “invited” is keyed more to the email reminder and the RSVP feature)?
  3. Is there any way to hide things on the calendar or make them only visible to a sub-set of the troop (like adult leaders)?
  4. Is there any way to create sub-calendars? I have seen that some use a dummy patrol. Does that patrol have to have an adult and a “fake” scout in it to function, or just a fake scout?

I would love any calendar management tricks. We are currently using Google calendars for some of our activities because it offers sub-calendars that allow selective subscriptions versus getting the whole calendar. Ideally I would have it all in one place though.
Thank you for your thoughts.

  1. Anyone in the unit can choose to see the patrol’s events
  2. People can see events they aren’t invited to. Adding invitees tells it who to send reminders to and also who sees the event on their dashboard
  3. No
  4. Dummy patrols can work. I don’t think you even need any members. It is common for a committee patrol to make all of the committee members patrol admins, though.
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We use a dummy patrol calendar for our committee. The only thing we’ve put into that calendar are holidays and school events; it’s helpful for the PLC to see when they’re doing their annual program plan and monthly PLC meetings, but not important the rest of the time.

Actual committee meetings go on the Troop calendar with event type “committee meeting” and that auto-populates all the committee members for reminders.

Thank you for your replies. In the Scoutbook bug forum I just learned that an individual user can select or deselect calendars using the little cog symbol on the upper right of the calendar view. That would be a good way for unit families to hide patrols they don’t want to see … or to lose the view of a calendar they want to see as in my case!

So if I create a dummy committee patrol in both of my units, then I could select them both on a calendar event for both units to see. Sounds like a plan!

The view of the calendar is user specific. So, your selections have no impact on what others see.


For Family Scouting, we coordinate between a Pack and a Girl Troop in Scoutbook. So, the feature to select one or the other or both is great.

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