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Can I add additional calendar’s in Scoutbook? I’d like to make one for the OA members. Thanks.

I think you have two options, but someone that knows Scoutbook better may have a better answer.

1 - Put the OA members into their own, separate Patrol. Then when you are choosing which calendar to create an event for, you can choose the Patrol that the OA members are in. This will also allow you to subscribe to the Patrol calendar.

2 - Instead of a separate Patrol, when you create events specifically for the OA memebers, choose your main Troop calendar but use the Invitees button on the event creation page. If you choose only the OA members (or their parents if the OA member doesn’t have a Scoutbook account) you can set reminders and use the RSVP system for only those people invited.

I don’t think there’s a way to create an additional subgroup of your troop without making a new patrol.


What I’ve done for this situation (as the ASM advising our OA Rep) is two-fold. I use the Feature Assistant Extension to create an email group, to which I add the arrowmen in our troop. That way, I can easily email them, and can export the list to share with others who use the extension.

I also added the monthly OA chapter meetings to our troop calendar. The OA Rep and I identified the arrowmen in he troop. I added them to the “first” chapter meeting event, then copied that event using the extension to create the next one. By copying the event, I preserve the invitee list.

It’s kinda clunky, but there is no native way (of which I am aware) to accomplish this is Scoutbook without manually selecting every arrowman every time.

S.G. - we do #2 now, but we are a large troop (50+) scouts and 30 adult leaders. For me to remember which ones are in the OA, it makes my head ache. For #1, if I put them in an OA patrol, they wouldn’t be in their main patrols, correct? Or can you put scouts in two patrols? In Troopmaster we were able to make our own mailing lists. In Scoutbook your choice is adult leaders, but what if I only want committee or only want scoutmasters? In membership, you can check off if someone is in the OA, it should be easy enough to pull the names. Thanks for your time.

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What is the “Feature Assistant Extension”?

For mailing lists, I use the Feature Assistant add-on for my web browser (I use Firefox). You can create/save mailing lists so that you’re not having to click on each name individually every time you sent a message.

My troop is about half the size of yours and I agree, it can be daunting to remember who holds what positions.

Out of curiosity, you do know you can run a report for OA, right? It tells you who is eligible, who is not, how many camping nights they have, and who the current members are. To access it, go to your dashboard, click on your unit, scroll down to find Troop Reports, click that and then run the OA Eligibility Report. At least if you have a printed list handy, you’ll always know who to include in messages or who to invite for your calendar events.

It’s not the best solution, but it should help you at least keep track of the OA members.

This was great. I was able to make an OA mailing list. However, it didn’t make a calender list. Right now we have leaders and each patrol. Is there a way to make a calendar list just for the OA members? This way we can list their events and when planning the troop events, we don’t double book. Thanks.

Yes, I ran the report and I was going to use it to make my calendar group, but couldn’t make a calendar group for them. I did make a mailing list and that is helpful, but the calendar would be awesome!

Unfortunately not. The way I made my calendar event was manual the first time. Since then, I have used Copy Event feature in the extension to duplicate events. I edit the date, topic and other details for the event, leaving the invitee list intact.

I find it easier to update the event details than to hunt down the names in the scroll boxes.


Ok, I didn’t think of that. Make one calendar invite and duplicate it. Genius! Thanks for all your help this morning.


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