Recording of 2nd earned religious knot

We have a scout that already has the Catholic Light of Christ religious emblem which is recorded under the Awards Section in Scoutbook. He has now earned a 2nd religious emblem as an Arrow of Light scout this month (Nov.) and has already completed his Duty to God for this scouting year in August of 2021. Scoutbook will not allow us to record the 2nd religious emblem with an award date of 11/6/2021 because it won’t accept a date (gives an error message) after the Duty to God adventure was completed in August 2021. It appears to us that entering the 2nd religious emblem in the Award Section - Religious Emblems will write over the 1st religious emblem award date and that record will be lost. Has anyone had experience will how to resolve this issue? Can we enter it under Awards so that it will not write over the current emblem recorded there? Thanks

The religious emblem can only be earned once - you can use Notes field to record other instances for devices @FrankDuriancik


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