Lost key 3 access as cub master

I am the cub master for my pack and a unit admin however this is not showing in scout book and I am unable to do anything with my unit

Patrick Nadeau

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

@PatrickNadeau your unit admin ended - I can setup a sync but I think I would need to end your CM position for it to add Admin. Easiest is for one of your unit admins to add the unit admin position back for you

OK I will have them try… if not I will get back to you

I am now the Advancement Coordinator in my Troop, and while in my.scouting I can see all Scouts and make edits, in Scoutbook I am not showing as one of the Troop Admins. I would think the system would be all synched up, but it’s not. I’ll need to catch up on a lot of Scout advancement shortly and right now this is difficult to pull off.

SB User ID: 1919469
BSA Member ID: 12606286

I was able to have our Committee Chair re-add me and all is working well now.

@WarrenWilczewski your unit has not made you UAC in my.scouting.org Organization Manager, and they have not made you UAC in SB - if they do the First it does it all. Scoutbook is all connections based, so either they need to use MYST to add the Functional role to you, then it will come into SB and an Admin position. Or they need to change your connection to scouts to the level they want it at so you can function as UAC.


Thank you. This is very helpful. I found that there is a lot I can do in my.scouting that SB does not allow me to do. For example, in my.scouting I can see the full names of all the Scouts, approve advancement, and add activities. SB allows me to do none of that with the exception of my son’s entries. But it is clear that I am not an Admin in either one and am unable to do anything more advanced. I’ll alert our Key 3 to this issue and we’ll have it resolved. Thanks again.

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