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Adult Accounts for Troop funds

Due to recent changes in scoutbook I have lost all accounts setup for all adult leaders to track their troop funds. I am requesting that either a Feature is added to adult accounts to track Troop funds/debt or the ability to add these accounts back to our portal.

Were you adding paux-Scout accounts for the adults?

This is on the radar.

In the meantime, you can continue to use your workaround by doing the following:
Click my dashboard > administration > my profile > my connections.
Find the scout name and click it.
Click it’s membership.
Go into the most recent membership.
Remove the end date and notes.
Change the start date to today.
Click update.
Go back into the membership and click position approved.
Click update.

You’ll have to repeat this every 60 days unless IT changes their logic for non-registered scout accounts. If you do it proactively before 60 days, you can save some steps by changing the start date only.

I’m curious:

Does using an account with a membership that’s not “approved” circumvent the “non-registered scout accounts” issue? What I mean is, could someone create the “workaround” account, then only “approve” the membership when changing balances and/or running reports?

ETA: I recognize that this doesn’t allow the individuals to easily track their accounts, but it seems like the treasurer could use it in that way…

I ran a test overnight with a non-registered scout account and the position approved box unchecked. It did not end the membership. Also, you can see the payment log balance from the scout’s page when unapproved, but clicking on it takes you back to your dashboard. It looks like @CharleyHamilton’s suggestion would work.

Note: it’d work today. IT could change the logic in the future. Also note, the scout’s parents will not receive emails and cannot be added to calendar events when in the unapproved state. In this example, it’s fine for because the “parents” are also leaders in the unit, and you can email them or invite them to events directly.

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