Multiple accounts for Scout and parent/adult

I think I have a doozy for a problem. I have a scout and parent/leader who has recently joined our troop. They departed from their old troop over a year ago from the TAC council. They are coming back into scouting now in AAC council. When they submitted their paperwork, our current council found their account and joined it to our unit. Should be no problem, right? Ugh, well, it seems they actually used different account (both scout and parent) from what is “active” in our unit. The parent/leader then added “membership” to the correct account for us to see them. Long story short…if you call this short…we need the four accounts (2 x scout and 2 x parent/leader) merged and the correct account to become ‘active/approved’ within scoutbook. Both scout and parent go by their middle name to make things even more complicated.

Details for scout:
Old/correct scout SB account# 9700970 BSAID: 136101693. This is the account we need to have ‘active/attached to our unit.’ This is currently associated with Transatlantic Council (TAC)
The ‘new’ account which was made last month when they tried to join the unit: SB account# 13481707; BSAID: 140626725

Since the old/correct SB account for the youth is assigned to TAC council and not ‘approved’ at our unit, I cannot drill down to see which account the parent has tied to their scout.

So sorry, this one is complicated. Please let me know if there is any other details you may need or other questions to get these accounts correct.

-Michelle (T360 scoutbook troubleshooter/committee member)

@MichelleThompson I am looking at this.

Thank you! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

@MichelleThompson I just sent you a private message to confirm some info.

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