Scout keeps getting deactivated

One of the scouts in our Troop in ScoutBook keeps getting reset and unlinked from the Troop. His account is matched up with the Troop roster, yet repearedly resets as unapproved and expired, even after multiple attempts to make it active and approved.

I have tried the following multiple times:
Go into my Account
Open up My Connections
Find the Scout, who no longer show up linked to Troop 809 B
Edit his Membership
Leave Date Started as is - 6/26/2020
Clear out the End Date
There are notes: “DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 90 Day Lapse”
Once it saves, I then go back into his membership and check the approved button, then click the Update button
This seems to work, but within a day the settings reset, clears his membership, and sets an end date.

We’ve done this multiple times, but nothing seems to stick.

Any ideas how to prevent the account from expiring?

Anders Monsen
Unit Advancement Chair
Troop 809
San Antonio, TX

We have seen this a few times - 1. I will send you a direct message to get data
2. Reset start membership date to TODAY - that gives you 90 days

Where the issue with registration at My.Scouting is resolved, you will want to change the scout’s start date back to the actual date they started. The easiest way to track this is to enter the details into the membership note field.

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