Adult Awards and Financial Account

Can we do what we can to NOT let this topic die?
Since we have the Scouters listed in Scoutbook, how about some additional inputs for them? Like awards and payments to the Unit?
Remember everyone, if a topics does not have a comment in 7 days, they will close it
KEEP THIS ALIVE and how about making this happen???

FOR ADULTS - enter Awards and Financial info like the scouts have - THANK YOU!!

These are both items that are in the backlog. There is ongoing work to add adults to payment log but at this time we do not know when it will be ready for release.

Adult awards have been prioritized below youth awards. The BSA has said they will not be considered for implementation until all youth awards are in Scoutbook.

Replying to keep this thread open will not change either of these facts.


Yes, this I saw from a thread from literally 2 years ago.

Basically, at this point, and no offense intended… they are now only words with no action behind them.

I understand the value of adult payments but have never understood the value in adult award tracking.

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The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

BSAs various programs are all youth centered and we Scouters provide servant leadership to the youth.

It’s Scoutbook, a portmanteau of Scout Handbook, originally envisioned to be an electronic version, a backup of their handbook.

We are here for the youth, not to collect awards and post them on a closed, members only website and I will strongly discourage Scouters in the units I’m associated with to not use Scoutbook as their own personal Love Me Wall.

Besides, most of the square knots worn by adults are required to be self-submitted and we all know the energy that goes into verifying that data.


@Christopher.Schuster - yupper

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Are you saying the Scoutbook Advisory Council is lying when they say it is on the backlog? That is the action taken. We can all agree Scoutbook has a long way to go to fully support the Scouting program of the Scouts. After that, they will look at the backlog and see about supporting adult awards.


I certainly won’t argue that supporting Scouts is our primary purpose - and Scoutbook is specifically designed to support that - as a unit and district leader I have often wished we had better adult tools.

As you say, many service and training awards are self-initiated, and many folks are perhaps too modest (or unaware) to pursue them themselves. But as a leader of leaders, it’s important to recognize the service/support our volunteers provide to keep this movement going, and it would be great to have more tools that provided information about registration history and previous awards to make sure folks are being properly recognized (i.e. thanked) for their service.

I personally wish more folks would earn the Training and Key awards, because that would mean we have more trained and experienced leaders around. And if unit leaders had more insight into the progress towards those awards their volunteers are making, perhaps they could help push them along the trail, and perhaps even recognize their volunteers without them even having to submit the paperwork.

So, yeah, while I don’t want Scoutbook for leaders, I also kinda do.


@SageLichtenwalner - I understand your point but based on a decade in my council and district those folks with awards and knots use them as weapons against the volunteers without them. Sorry to be blunt and honest but I could care less about them and their awards and honors. I support my scouts period… no need for stinking badges.

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I liked working on the Scoutmaster Award of Merit and the Scouters Key (had to swap out to CC before my 3 years) since it had me request the PLC do some things we wouldn’t have. For example we brought in a Leave No Trace trainer as part of one of the requirements. I don’t recall the couple of other items, but working on it did require me to enhance the program a bit more than planned. It also has encouraged me to go to Roundtable. I would go anyway, but it helped.


The need and want to track adult awards is very valid. There are awards that other must put in for as you can not do it yourself such as the silver beaver and having this information already in the system is a heck of lot easier to get then trying to ask the family or even the person without telling them why.


Some Councils list their Silver Beavers on their website. If you are thinking of nominating someone for a Silver Beaver, you should contact your council to make sure they have not received it and are eligible.


Not so much for award tracking, though a Scouter may want to see what he/she has done in scouting… also good for placing orders

I would love to actually see this backlog - what is in it exactly?
And I did not say they are lying or liars - believe me, I am bold enough to say such a thing if that is what I meant.
The fact is, if someone says it is going to happen, then make it happen - 2 years is a bit of a long time to get the scout awards finished… aren’t they already?
So again, where is this backlog and what is on it? Transparency


Then that is sad for your area… maybe you should go after them and not this thread

The BSA does not make the backlog publicly available.

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Overall, I may not be replying the way this site is set up… allow me to generalize…

The idea is not for scouters to have a brag page or to hold it over other scouts. Many of the knots earned are self-submitted by those who are working toward them - and I applaud them. TOO many units die because of non-committed adults. Besides, obviously this would not be a place for awards you need to be nominated for…
AGAIN BESIDES… who said I was referring to knots (or even if I was in the first place?)

Did you guys know you can earn awards right alongside your scouts?? Mile Swim, Paddlecraft, 50-milers… and so many more! Yes, side by side with them. Certainly makes for easy ordering as well when the award is able to be placed in Scoutbook.
So now the question must be asked… am I being selfish or looking for the “look at me” awards? Or am I simply looking for a place to log some of these awards down along with the scouts? Am I using Scoutbook, as council prefers, to place my orders for awards, ranks, and merit badges?
Then the other side of the coin… financial. We have a place to log scout payments and bills… why not for the adults? Kinda sorta makes sense, unless you think this too is a bragging point.

Many of the responses I see are not actually focused on the scouts… but on either your own failings, resentments, bitterness, anger, or whatever as either directed to other scouters or yourself. If you have issues with people using their awards in an inappropriate manner then tell them about it, deal with it.
Now, I am not going into a psychological counseling session here (and for those haters, I have a counselor background) but I believe this discussion needs to be taken at face value… a place to log these awards/events and for monetary items as well - you know, registration fees, camping fees, etc.

So again, Hey Scoutbook - how about a place to put these awards in and a place to log adult payments.
Thank you


The “backlog” was thrown out to me… it is unfortunate that the backlog is not available and since it is not, it should not be used as a talking point.

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I know before I nominate someone I have already searched this and I know they don’t and need their information hence the request for scoutbook to track this.

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I am simply saying this has been a long time coming - I went on this forum to find anything regarding it and I stopped at 2 years ago… so what exactly is the issue regarding making this happen?
Educate me on why such a long process. Thank you

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