Internet Advancement Activity Log User Permission

Our unit records camping, hiking and service hours in the Activity Logs of Internet Advancement for each scout and adult (where applicable).

As the Scoutmaster (Key 3), I am doing this today and need to delegate to someone else. I have attempted granting access to a registered adult to test this out and am unable to determine what the correct permission setting is that allows another registered adult to help with this.

Options I have attempted include:

  1. Setting Connections to Edit Advancement
  2. Setting Connections to Full Control
  3. Setting Role to Unit Outdoor Activities Chair
  4. Setting Role to Unit Advancement Chair
  5. Setting Role to Troop Admin

None of these have worked. Please advise on the correct Connections/Permission settings to allow another registered adult to enter Activity Log entries.

The person I tested this out on is my wife Audrey Lokker SB User ID:10375398, BSA Member ID:13438773)

There’s an abilities matrix here: Recording Activities in Internet Advancement and Scoutbook - Scoutbook Knowledge Base.

Troop admin should work, but might take overnight to sync.

I waited one day for the permissions to sync and now it works - using Troop Admin.

Would be nice if it did not take an overnight sync.

Thanks for the assistance.

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I am an existing Troop Admin and I no longer have Activity Log access.

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