Adult questions about access - payments, camping, service, etc- able to add by advancement person

I would like to be able to add payments that adults in my crew makes- so that we can reflect theirm money that they pay for different activities and registrations. It can be exactly like the youth payments.

ALSO I would like to be able to add when adults go camping or participate in service, etc. This way the reports can reflect ALL that were there at events. Why is it thatthe adult can ONLY add their own camping and service- I feel that if the advancement person is adding the youth camping and service, they should also be able to add the adult service too.

The short answer is that Adults aren’t Youth…

The longer answer is that changing Scoutbook to allow adults to access data belonging to other adults requires a significant restructuring of the current user permissions architecture, and probably won’t happen any time in the near future, since the stated emphasis on Scoutbook development is making sure that all youth advancement tracking features are implemented and working correctly.

It is something we’d like to see eventually, but as you said, it’s not an easy task… and also not the highest priority.

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