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Adult Leader Access to two Troops

I have an adult leader who is advancement chair for the girls’ troop but I need to give him access to the boys’ troop now that his son is crossing over. He only sees the girl troop in scoutbook. How do I add him to our boy troop (so that he has access to both)?

If he wants to be a leader with the Boys’ Troop, he needs to submit a second Adult App to your local Council to be added to their roster, then he’ll show up in Scoutbook automatically.

If he just wants access as a parent, once his son shows up in the Boys’ Troop, you can connect him as a parent by searching for him by BSA ID#.

@KristinMenefee - I would add that he should already be connected as a parent at this stage and will remain so once the scout crosses over.

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The Scouter has a current membership with BSA. Have them complete another Adult Application. Toward the bottom there’s section where they’ll check the bubble “Multiple Application” fills in their council number, unit type and number.l, BSA member number.

They’ll pay one annual membership fee and will hold multiple positions. It’ll automatically migrate to Scoutbook.

Here’s the Adult Application for reference:

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You should also have the ability to do multiple registrations from My.Scouting at My Scouting