Returning adult listed as a youth member in SB

I have a parent who was connected to his scouts, but had not yet signed in to Scoutbook as there was a prompt to invite the adult to join. He followed the invite but when he did so, Scoutbook recognized his BSA number from when he was a youth (30 years ago?) and now is listed a youth in our Pack roster. He’s not registering as an Adult Leader, so there was no BSA application, just following the prompt inviting him to log into Scoutbook. How do I bump him back to being listed as a parent? Thanks!

Post the BSA # @CameronMartindell and we can look at what is going on

Great, it’s 109516807 - At the bottom of his profile page he is still listed in his old council in Florida (we’re Adventure West Council), but at the top it has the correct council patch and pack number. He needs to be linked to his kids in the pack: 14695802 & 14695768.

Also, I have a parent who is one of our Den Leaders but I cannot make him a DL in SB. He’s connected to his scout, but does not seem to have his own profile. His scouts BSA# is 14383220.


@CameronMartindell on Adult as Youth that is fixed - Unit Admins can see about adding connection to kids
On the parent being a DL (14383209) he is not registered so cannot be a DL - he needs to fill out a Adult Application and a Criminal Background check

The first father needs to use the log in with his birthyear

Great, thanks! I just tried to add 109516807 to his kids, but the search comes up null and now I can’t find him in the pack. Does your second comment mean he has multiple logins?

I’ll check on the DL member—we had a bit of a snafu with a change of charter org. Maybe it’s still tied up with that.


On adding the father the MID is now 14695765 - that was his better one.

Thanks. He’s still not showing up in the search. I tried the full search and when checking MBC search (not sure what that means—is there an acronym reference somewhere?).

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

MBC means Merit Badge Counselor

Ah, thanks.

It sounds like the connection or whatever was done mucked things up for the parent. I gave him the URL of this thread to chime in with what he’s encountering.

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