Adult leader, committee chair, not showing in SB, but they are on the charter in my.scouting

I am the committee chair for both Troop 308 and Crew 308. Crossroads of America Council, Five Creeks district, Plainfield IN. Both charters have me listed as committee chair and the charters are correct in My BSA ID number is the same on both. I appear in Scoutbook on the troop as an adult leader / comm. chair. The crew is not showing me as an adult leader. Nor is it showing anyone for comm. chair. I have access the the crew currently in SB as a parent to my daughter. Council has checked their records, everything has been submitted and I am showing properly on both charters. Please advise on how to correct.

My bsa ID is 137352738 SB user id 34388

@MelanieRestivo I setup a sync to run late this afternoon or overnight to resolve this

Could you check on BSA 118662256 SB 9986593. She is a leader with the troop and crew. I see a note in the crew area of SB for her stating “pending never logged in to scoutbook”. She has logged in to SB and is active in the troop as an adult leader. The troop does not show her as pending. I am thinking this might be a sync issue as well.

@MelanieRestivo that user has not logged into SB in over 3 years

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