Adult Leader missing in SB roster

One of our leaders BSA ID#13363505 is not showing in SB. When she tries to access SB she gets a message saying its time to renew her membership as it lapsed on 5/31/24. Our roster at my.scouting shows her as active but it does have two roles listed for her Asst Den leader exp 12/31/24 and Webelos Leader exp 5/31/24. Our my.scouting roster seems to have this kind discrepancy for many leaders who have had position changes throughout the year. What is the best way to get her reconnected to SB?

@AlinaLehman It looks like this adult leader’s position was ended in Scoutbook by one of the Pack Admins.

I can try requesting a position sync. Please check Scoutbook tomorrow and she if she has been added back to your roster in Scoutbook.

@AlinaLehman It looks like this user is back on the roster in Scoutbook / Scoutbook Plus.

Yes it does. Thanks for your help!

@AlinaLehman If you have others, please post their BSA member ID numbers here, and I can request a position sync for them.

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