Merge Parent Id Please


I have two BSA Ids:
New: 14756334 (I was recently named the Committee Chair and the role is shown under this profile in my.scouting but I don’t show up in Pack 841 Scoutbook like I should)
Old: 8116871 (I believe this is existing from earning my Eagle Scout 20 years ago in a different state. It has Scoutbook pack admin privileges and I am showing as my son’s guardian)

It doesn’t matter which one ‘survives’ as long as the Committee Chair role and linkage to my son shows up in Pack 841s Scoutbook.

Thanks for your help! And let me know if more details are needed.

This is done @JoelUthe

When I log into Scoutbook I seem to have lost all my connections. No troops or kids as of today. I believe it has to do with having two BSA numbers which I believe were previously merged. My primary is 125980162 and the other inactive one is 135834866. I use the same login for scoutbook and my.scouting. In my.scouting I see all my positions for 2023 girls troop and boys troop charter is still in process for 2023 but 2022 info is there with my primary ID. Scoutbook however is just blank for me…neither of my kids or troops show anymore. No personal information either. Both charters show my primary ID. I am not sure if maybe they need to be merged again after the recharters? I would really appreciate any help so I can access my troops and input advancements. Ty!

Kristine Byrne

@KristineByrne if I had to goes your inactive MID was used on a recharter and messed things up - it is fixed in SB now

I can get back in and view both troops and my kids (a step in the right direction) but I am still not listed as a leader/committee member/advancement chair in scoutbook for my girls troop anymore. I can only see my daughter. Is that something that needs to sync overnight? We did check both charters and they do have my primary MID listed. The registrar doesn’t know how to fix it. It’s just strange because my.scouting is all correct with ID and positions. I am also concerned that when the boys troop charter processes in the next few days I will have the same problem. I really appreciate your help.


It is waiting an overnight sync @KristineByrne

Great thank you for your quick response and help!

Hi @DonovanMcNeil looks like some progress was made (the proper BSA Id is now showing up in Scoutbook and I’m linked to my son). However, my position of Committee Chair is still absent in Scoutbook and the wrong email address is showing up. I’ve waited 1.5 days for a sync to run, but still out of date, any suggestions?

Appreciate the help!

@JoelUthe I set up another sync - but you are admin, just add the position your self. You can also change your own email

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