Adult leader expired without any emails

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Member Id: 137082275
This leader got notice her ypt was expiring so she retook the courae. But no one (key 3 nor member) got an email that her membership was expiring. She transferred back to us from another council after having transferred away 2 yrs ago.
I now have 4 more members expiring this month or next and none of us have gotten any emails. Yes, i checked and our emails are correct and we have not opted out of emails.
How can i get her back in roster without teller her she has to sign up…again. i dont want to lose her over this frustration.

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@AliceCourtland these are questions for your council registrar

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@AliceCourtland - based on my council, expiration of ypt places the leader in suspension. If they take the mandatory ypt all modules they will be reinstated. I received email and letters on them

It looks like YPT expired by one week - what cannot be seen is original Expire date - so once again speak to council as YPT is now valid

@AliceCourtland - our council directive is for the suspended leader to mail proof of YPT ( the certificate) to the council to be re-instated. The letter and email also states that they are required to notify the key3, of which i am one as CC, of the suspended status.

It maybe just her ypt so maybe our registrar can fix it. Not the most helpful reigstrar so i am sure she will send me back somewhere else.

But the main issue…we are not recieving any emails regarding members about to expire. Which is what the renewal instructions say will happen. Not key 3 nor the member. i know that is not a registrar issue.

Well email seen in Scoutbook do not really matter. It is the email in that matter for that and might be different

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But what about the emails that are supposed to be sent notifying of the impending expiration of membership. None of the key 3 nor the members have received any emails and they are not opted out of emails. I checked and our email addresses are correct across all platforms.
Is it not bothersome that expiring ypt gets notified but not membership?

As stated before - these are council questions you are asking


Expanding on the comments from @DonovanMcNeil and @Stephen_Hornak, the reason these are questions for the council is that the team supporting the registration/renewal process will only take bug reports and/or feature requests from the council professionals. So, you need to get the council to report the issue to national through their channels so that it can be addressed.

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@AliceCourtland Question: when did your unit last recharter?

No one in our units have gotten membership renewal emails yet, but our expiration dates are 12/31/24, so we wouldn’t expect emails, other than to persons who joined beginning in August 2023.

I have really been wondering how the membership/rechartering process will work, and Alice’s experience is not giving me confidence.

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@SteveHanson - I can say that the recharter process is a vast improvement over the scoutnet days from a decade ago…

This isn’t a membership expiration, so key 3 wouldn’t get an email notification. Key 3 are supposed to get an email when it’s time for individuals to pay national dues.

This is YPT expiration. The end result in both cases is the individual will be removed from the roster. The difference is if a paid leader rolls off for YPT expiration, they can get re added without paying any money. They still have paid membership with BSA, they’re just not allowed to be on a roster without active YPT.

As others noted, call council membership staff. In my council we can email the new certificate to them within 30 days and the leader positions will be reinstated. After 30 days, the leader needs to submit a new leader application but won’t have to pay dues to get re added

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Re: “our council directive is for the suspended leader to mail proof of YPT”
This seems really silly - the council staff can easily look up YPT status and date - as easily as they can open an email attachment.

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Yes, we would draw lines through those not renewing on paper copies. Woof.