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I am a parent of a scout and partial admin in ScoutBook. As of a couple days ago I keep getting the attached error (scouts name removed) when logging in. The scout in question is my son and looking at the Roster page it says he doesn’t expire till 2024 (he was recharted). Is this a known bug in the system? I am concerned that if I am getting this other parents in the troop may also be getting it, and will get confused.

BSA IT wants all Renewal reports to come through the registrars is all we were told - so ask council to send in a membercare ticket

I guess I am not sure what your response means. As a parent what do I need to do?


You need to contact your council office and report the issue through them.

This is NOT a council thing. The previous reporter is not even in my council and a BUNCH of people are getting that message about their Scouts and it is a bogus message. I work for a tech company and in my experience it sound like someone updated the date/time comparisons and goofed up.

As far as reporting to my Council…NOT going to do it. They are messing up a lot. Most every DE position has turned over and I have no confidence that this will get fixed there.

By the way, it apparently is happening also in the Training part of the code too:

It’s not whether or not it’s a council-specific problem. That’s not what anyone is saying. The problem with not reporting to council is that the BSA isn’t tracking and (based on @DonovanMcNeil’s post above) isn’t going to track this issue through the Scoutbook discussion groups. All that will result from not reporting is that they (BSA IT) don’t get the count of how many people are having trouble (or the weight of multiple councils pushing them to fix it).

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Our troop was rechartered (Greater Colorado Council) and everyone - scouts and adults who were paid for during recharter are showing up as needing renewal. Anyone who joined mid-year 2023 are fine. Our MBC report shows only the one adult (who was just added). I did a search of MBCs in my area (80020) and only a handful are showing up (there should be hundreds). I am a MBC and I am not showing up. My guess is that everyone whose membership was paid as part of recharter are now showing up as expired.

@DawnHowe - contact your council and request that they enter a ticket to national

When I log into, everyone is showing up as expiring on 12/31/2024. How is this a council issue?

@DawnHowe - because councils can report the issue to National which is where the issue is coming from.

Is this related to internet advancement indicating that my membership is expired? When I go to the internet advancement page (, I get a pop-up:

According to this thread it is “a known bug”

Any idea when this will be fixed?

You can ignore that for now. We do not know when it will be fixed.

New message at login:
“For those of you with open renewals, the new Membership Renewal Too l is currently picking up older positions, including Merit Badge Counselor registrations that might be lapsed. In March we will complete the changes to registration and sync all your renewals to the expiration date of your paid registration, this will make renewal in the future much easier. Double check your paid positions and ignore any reminders about multiple positions until then.”

I am registered and showing current with my troop (as Committee Chair). But I can’t see scouts in other units to update their completed requirements against MErit Badges in MBC role. Like others above it says I’m not registered and gives me a button to link somewhere to pay a credit card and renew. Hahaha… But my Council (Balto AC) said I am good; they submitted a ticket on my behalf.

You have to be connected to those scouts. Units leaders can connect you or you can do it yourself from you connections page if you know their member number.

Jacob. I was connected and checking off requirements up until the recharter changes went through. The system is not letting me in now to these scouts. I get that I have to renew; but my registration is really good.

Regards,- Mark

I see connections for fishing MB to VFR, JF, BS, and BS. If there were others, they must have been removed at one point.


Yes, those are the connections I can’t access to update their progress. It won’t let me access District 12 advancement at all. Asks me to renew with my credit card.

I can post a screen shot if you want. But it’s similar to one on the thread already.


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@MarkMcGregor If you clear your cache, I think you’ll find that renewal notice is gone. I’m not sure what you’re referring to district 12 advancement. To access MB work for those you have an MBC connection with you, go to > my dashboard > the “my merit badge counseling” section.

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