Missing den leader

13889497 Den Leader for our pack has disappeared from our my.scouting roster. He should have been renewed with recharter 12/2023. Please advise as to status. He will continue as Web Leader in the fall.

@TammieZemler - please talk to your council about this

@TammieZemler I recommend that you use the chatbot (“Betty”) at my.Scouting and check the YPT status of this adult leader. Some councils will temporarily remove adult leaders if their YPT expires.


@TammieZemler - to add to Jennifer’s post… I receive notification via email and mail of YPT near expiration and of leader removal/suspension due to YPT expiration. I am a Key3 so it is directed to their information


All leaders are YPT current. I check once a month then poke them to get it done. We are 100% thru Oct.

@TammieZemler - if they are NOT on the my.scouting.org roster you would need to find out from council what the cause and remedy is.


The leader’s YPT expired 6/15/24. Hazardous Weather Training expired 8/21/24.

His registration is marked not current so I suspect his registration was suspended by the Council due to YPT expiration.

There is only one individual in your council with his first initial and last name and no dups using his e-mail address in the BSA so I doubt it is a situation with a duplicate account.

First I recommend he renew his YPT. He needs to take the 4 required modules within 60 days of each other. He should log in to my.scouting.org using the Google Login button. After he completes YPT, contact your Council to have his leadership position restored.


@TammieZemler - and I would add that if the leader is suspended they will need to mail/fax or email the certificate with their correct ID to the registrar as they will not see a completed YPT on the suspended accout.