Adult leader info not syncing with

We have an adult leader (Asst Scoutmaster) that we have been struggling with for months to get connected in Scoutbook. There have been “multiple ID” issues, and now the IDs seem to be finally synched at the level, but those are not carrying through into Scoutbook and the leader is still unable to connect and the ID is still showing as “changemyemail@” email address, non-sensical phone number, etc.

I found some prior posts along these lines, but the solutions seemed to be handled via direct message / outside the forum, so I wasn’t able to follow the process.

Would greatly appreciate any assistance on how to resolve!

Thanks for your time,
Dave C

What is the correct BSA member ID for them?

Hi William - correct BSA member ID is 137165757

Thanks for the quick reply!

She should be OK now. She should login with abholder2

Thank you William! I will ask her to go in and check to see if it all works and let you know!

Happy 4th!!!


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