Merging duplicate adult IDs / scoutbook accounts

This is a follow up to an older post… My council registrar was unable to fix this even with the help from the forum. Can I get someone here to straighten this out for me? Thanks!

We added an adult leader to our troop roster and they were given new BSA and Scoutbook IDs. Our council registrar isn’t sure how to fix that. They have managed to swap some things around, but it is still separate in scoutbook: There are two users, a parent and a troop leader. His scoutbook account he gets to when logging in is connected to his son, but is not the registered leader.

Registered Leader Account:
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

@JasonDaughenbaugh I only see one in your unit - if you have the SB User ID I can look


Thanks for the quick reply. I went back in and it looks like it is right now.

Sorry about that.


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