Adult Leader registration problem due to missing DOB

I’m trying to register as an adult leader so I can join my son’s scout camping trip. I couldn’t complete the registration process because the DOB box was empty and I couldn’t edit it. I was told that perhaps my DOB was not entered or was entered incorrectly to the system.
Can someone let me know how to correct my DOB in the system?

Yunfei Ding

@YunfeiDing there are 2 instances of you, so we might be able to fix. Is birthday 8/8? Otherwise the answer is to call council for fix

Hello Donovan,

Yes my DOB is 8/8. I really appreciate it if you can help fix it!


@YunfeiDing ok the DOB is filled in - there is a yahoo and a gmail account spread between the various accounts

Hi Donovan,

Thank you so much for correcting the DOB.

I don’t know why there are multiple accounts, perhaps I was registered more than once with different information. If the two emails is an issue could you help delete the yahoo email and keep the gmail? Or should I remove the duplicates and just keep one account?

Many thanks,

@YunfeiDing OK just the gmail is there now

Thank you so much, appreciate all the help!