Birthday error, not over 18

scout id 13952537 registered as an adult. they tried to add another child and got a birthday error. they ended up adding their child from another account after that error. but this person still needs to register as an adult leader and it is saying they are not over 18. the site seems to have the correct birthday, but its not working, and we are not able to change this information. correct birthday is (removed by Moderator)

what do we need to do?


Contact your Council for this issue.

My council said they are not able to fix this

Then your Council needs to open a ticket with National BSA IT on your behalf. This is the only way to get this fixed.

i will make that request

@DanielBarbee This error message usually means that the date of birth is missing / null in the “person record”.

If the adult’s DOB is correct in Scoutbook, ask your local council if they can use their VST to sync the date of birth from Scoutbook to her “person record”.