Adult Leader with Yellow Triangle

One of the adult leaders in our pack currently has a yellow triangle next to her name. Her BSA ID is 13664191. Can you let me know why this is appearing next to her name/how to get it removed?

Thank you!

@LaurieReynolds It’s because she is not registered as an adult leader.

Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered adult leaders by the BSA (because YPT is not required, no criminal background check, and not approved by COR).

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@JenniferOlinger she’s actually a Webelo den leader and has completed YPT.

That kind of conflicting info usually means that there’s some issue with the registration (e.g. never processed by registrar or processed under a different form of their name). When you look at the official roster at my.scouting, are you seeing the person listed as a DL, and that listing matched up with the BSA ID you posted?

@LaurieReynolds I would recommend having someone check the pack’s official roster at my.scouting, but this is what I see for her registrations:

Registrations 2

@LaurieReynolds - taking ypt does not an adult leader make. An ADULT APPLICATION would be the way to go. Scoutbook made it to easy to just make someone a leader who was not registered.

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