Yellow triangle and missing leader on roster

Hello I’m hoping someone can help me with a situation we just found. We have a leader whom has been registered for many years with our pack but now cannot find him on our roster. He is not showing up and we are positive he should have been on our charter last year. He is in Scoutbook as a den leader but has a yellow triangle and has always had issues accessing his Scoutbook account. Can anyone help? I can message you the members details.


All we need is the BSA Member ID. Because without other information it is just a random number, it is safe to post here.

Ok BSA member id reported in SB under his profile is 13377298.

Thank you

@JohnOcenas It looks like the user’s position is marked IsCurrent=No, perhaps because his YPT expired in August. You will need to contact your local council.

I would also recommend contacting your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up his child (or children). In the “Relationships” section, he should be listed as parent only under BSA member ID number 13377298. He should be removed if listed as parent under any other BSA number. Otherwise, his BSA numbers might get switched at Recharter, and this could result in the creation of another Scoutbook account.

Ok, will the expired YPT cause leaders to drop off the roster? When his YPT expired we were in a committee chair change and it got missed. Then when he dropped off he hasn’t shown up on a YPT report until the new CC noticed he was gone.


It depends on your Council. Some will suspend a leader when YPT expires. You will need to ask your Council this question.

Either way, it seems like the path to getting the scouter back on the roster goes through re-completing YPT. Note that all four modules of the required YPT have to be completed within a 60-day period for it to “count”. They can’t just retake the test, which appears to be a common misunderstanding from the numerous posts on the boards here.