I don't have permission to approve a Pending Membership Renewal

Hi I am having an issue accepting a pending renewal in the Roster in My.Scouting.

Hardware: Desktop
OS: Windows
Browser: Chrome
Browser Cache: recently cleared
Member ID affected: 13706430 , Northern New Jersey Council

With rechartering settled, I went in to check my Roster and saw that I had 2 pending renewals. One for Mike (Cubmaster), and one for his son. They were in the “Membership Renewals Orders” section. I was able to click “APPROVE” on the son, and he is now listed as “Renewal Status: Completed” (even though the other Scouts all say Current, so I don’t know if that is an issue). But Mike is still stuck in Pending. When I try to click APPROVE, I get a popup error:
Failed to accept order
You do not have permission to access the specified resource.

Mike and his son were and still are active members of our Pack. Mike is the active Cubmaster. He is up to date on his YPT, and it won’t expire for 2 years. He is paid. We included him on our recharter. Can someone please explain why his is Pending, and how I can resolve it?

Thank you!

I don’t think you said what your role is. Are you “just” a committee chair? Or are you a COR? I would guess you have to be COR to continue an adults membership.

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Yes you need to be COR to approve adults - not sure how your recharter went through if he is CM and not on roster

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I’m sorry for not including important information. I am the Committee Chair. I orchestrated and completed the recharter, and also signed off on it, as I am one of the Key 3.

It seems that I was able to continue the adult membership for most of our other adult members:
Steven (Executive Officer)
Nicole (Den leader)
Me (Committee Chair, Key 3)
Ted (Committee Member and Treasurer)

But Michael (Cubmaster, key 3, United Advancement Chair) is at Pending Approval. And I also see now that adult Marcelino (COR, Committee Member, Key 3) is in status “Submitted” with Approved:No.

So it seems like I messed up a few things?

I can ask the other Key 3 members Mike (Cubmaster) or Marcelino (COR) to log in, if I can give them clear instructions on what to do.


Odd. I would guess the CM can’t and only the COR can.

@YervantDermenjian I would recommend contacting your local council for guidance.

Thanks all for your responses. I had our COR log in, and he was able to successfully approve the Cubmaster. Now I have to figure out why my COR’s renewal is listed as Not Approved, but I think proper protocol is for me to submit a separate forum request for that instead of piggybacking on this one.

@YervantDermenjian it is the same answer - talk to council

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Ah, sorry, I did not see this response before submitting my other issue.

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