Adult listed as parent who is not (and never has been)

I noticed a few months ago that an adult who was once a parent of a scout my son’s den is now connected as my child’s parent in scoutbook. I believe this adult was last in scouting when our kids were in third grade and that was 6 years ago.
Any idea how I can remove this connection? I am a troop admin.

You need to talk to council so they can use VST to help

What is VST?
I went to the council first and they said they cant do anything with scoutbook and that a troop admin should be able to fix it.

The person at the council to whom you spoke was mistaken. Unit-level admins (like me for my unit) can not remove parent/guardian connections to scouts. Only the council can do so using VST.

VST is the Volunteer Support Tools that only designated scouters at the council have access to. If they have questions about how to fix the connection issue, they have internal routes to request assistance from the national personnel.

thank you! I will reach out to them again,

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