I need help removing adult partner and adding another existing adult

I have a recently re-joined scout that has an adult partner that is not involved with the child anymore. His grandmother has now taken over and would like to be his primary adult partner. The grandmother has signed up with BSA with the scout ID of 140131227 When I try to add her to the scout’s account, I get this message:

This is the current adult leader’s information we would like removed:


Can somebody please help sort through this confusion? Please let me know if additional information is needed. Thanks so much,


@ChristopherMcclellan your council can remove the parent connection using VST

Can you tell me what VST is? I’ve heard this option for another issue, but wasn’t sure what it was. Thank you.

VST=Volunteer Support Tool - councils can access it - usually the registrar is a good place to start. And if the Grandparent has legal custody - might want council to add that relationship as guardian to AKELA

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