Remove Parent Connection (again)

I accidentally connected the wrong adult leader to a Scout as a parent/guardian connection. How do I remove this connection? The option to change the relationship is grayed out now.

you can call council - that is the only option - they can send in a ticket

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That’s probably not an option with our Council… they don’t “do” Scoutbook admin. But I’ll call them tomorrow to confirm.

Councils can do it in their Volunteer Support Tools (VST).

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BSA National requires councils to be front line support for Scoutbook. Someone in your Council has access to VST tools. If they don’t know how to remove. A bad parent connection they can ask for instructions through their internal channels.

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Okay, I’ll give them a call… last time we had an issue they told me to look on these Forums, lol! thanks Jennifer and Edavignon, for the extra detail about VST tools. I’ll definitely mention it!

I had this happen recently, and the “incorrect” parent was able to log in and remove their parent connection to the scout.

The SBUAC in the forums can resolve about 85% of the issues. Some do require the council. This is one of them. Most of the time, though, they can help. So, this was a good place to start.

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