How to remove a parent from a scout?

How do I remove an adult as a parent from scout? The scoutmaster is shouting up as a parent to a scout who is not the parent.

The individual can remove themselves, or the council can do so. There’s no way for a unit-level volunteer to do it for someone else.

Thank you, I will ask them again but they haven’t been able too. do you have instructions I can show them to do it?

Which they? The adult should be able to go to their connection to the scout and uncheck parent/guardian, then save.

Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Connections

For the council side, one of the SUAC folks might be able to explain how in detail. I suspect it’s done using the VST tool kit. The councils also have ways to reach out to national for technical support that we as volunteer scouters don’t.

Thank you. I will show this to the scoutmaster and hope that works. If not I will go to the council again and show them this.

Thank again.

Council can use VST to fix it - the SM can solve it in seconds by opening the connection and unchecking the parent box

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