Unlink accidental adult as a parent

An adult got accidentally linked as a parent in Scoutbook Can you please assist in removing this. Our Council staff says they cannot do this.

(BSA #13717693 ) has Adult (BSA# 14208786) listed as one of his parents/guardians. Can you please remove this parent/scout relationship as it is incorrect. GMC 0592 - unit 692

Thank you

@WilliamKett Councils can use the VST Tool to remove the parent connection - or if the wrong parent has not accepted the connection an admin can remove it

I will ask them to do this. But since they did not from the start, they may not know how to do this. I will get back with you if they do not.
Thank you

SUAC does not remove parent connections - if need be I can tell you who has access in your council


I have another issue I need assistance with if you are able to.

14266132 - this scout has supposedly two BSA ID’s that we need merged. Can you verify?
Scouts Initials are BR
Pack 007 - Troop 007G

Please also ensure that the parent can see them too - their BSA ID is 14211199 and initials are SC

@WilliamKett that is fixed

She has 5 other kids as well that she is not seeing too. Thoughts?

She can go to the My Connections page in Scoutbook, click on the Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian link and connect herself to her children. She will need their BSA ID numbers to do so.

She had like 3 signs and 3 SB Users - but I see no sign in since 2022 - so we would need a little more info or have an admin watch her sign in to collect data of what she sees - like SB User when she logs in

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