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Adult logs in scoutbook

Much like recording Scouts Hours; Camping, Hiking, Service, etc., I can record hours for myself as an Adult Leader. However, I cannot record any hours for other adult leaders for Troop events. I’d like to have that capability and then run reports for those leaders to review. This would aid the Troop when submitting for JTE.

Ed Andruszkiewicz


I know this has been requested at least a couple of times (I’m on that list somewhere.). My understanding is that BSA has prioritized this behind getting all youth features supported.

I still think that the role of this info in JTE-support should move this up in the priority queue. At the same time I recognize that there are probably architecture issues (e.g. adult leader access to other adult data entries) that may adversely impact getting this done.


What JTE measures require the recording and reporting of all adult activity levels? At the unit level Crew, Troop, Pack, and Ship only ask that the projects and hours be recorded in the JTE system. Posts ask that the “Explorers performed one or more community service projects averaging six hours per registered Explorer.” You really don’t need access to individual logs to make the entries requested.

In my opinion, this is a very low value ask of the developers, and placing their priority on youth-related features makes a ton of sense.

@KennethAdams The service project requirement requires recording them in the JTE website, which has separate categories for registered youth, registered adults, non-registered youth, and non-registered adults.


At the unit, district and council level, there are metrics tied to the level of service activities provided by both youth and adults.

In fairness, the major application I can see for adult camping logs include evaluating whether or not the adults qualify for OA nomination (camping nights). Having enough adult leadership available for OA is often a struggle, particularly now that we are serving female youth, and need at least one adult female leader 21+ at every OA event, including for example, monthly chapter meetings. Some chapters have had female scoutmasters/ASMs as arrowmen for a while. Others are female-leader poor, and will have trouble serving the female youth. Easing the burden on units to determine whether or not a given leader qualifies is of higher importance, to me at least, than supporting every possible award.

I fully back the Hornaday Award, and wish earning it was more common. At the same time, only a vanishingly small fraction of the membership pursues/earns the Hornaday Award, in comparison with the number of youth and adults who are inducted into the OA.

I’m not saying that means my prioritization of the adult logs should be the BSA’s priorities. It’s just an explanation of why I think it should be higher up their list than it appears to be.

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Agreed. I would like to do the same thing. BSA needs to raise the level of the importance of this requests. Every scout leader should like and reply to this post. Maybe we should start a petition to send to the Scout Book programmers.

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It’s not so much the developers, but rather the BSA “ownership” that sets the development priorities, I suspect. The developers likely provide feedback/coordination (e.g. what’s going in a given sprint and how long it’s expected to take based on the tasks included), but the management that decides what priority things get to be included in the development pipeline.

Anybody from SUAC able to comment on that interpretation?

new logs are actively being tested and developed at this time which should allow the recording of other adult activities. We have no idea when they will be released though.


Thank You for the update!

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