Adult on roster but not in scoutbook

I have an adult with two scouts in our Pack who is on my roster at (Organization Manager), member ID# 14554749 but who is not in Scoutbook as a connection to either scout. Scout IDs are 14554748 and 14554788. When I try to add her to scoutbook, I get a message that she is already in the system. How do I get her into Scoutbook?

@AlyciaWeinberger This parent has 2 BSA member ID numbers:

14554749 - Lion Adult Partner registration
14554717 - User Relationships (parent / child)

Ideally, you want the registrations and the User Relationships under the same BSA member ID numbers. Your local council has Registrar tools that they can use to fix this.

In the meantime, I have made a connection between the parent and the Scouts in Scoutbook.

In Scoutbook, please go to each Scout’s Connections page, click on the parent’s name, and update the connection type to “parent / guardian”.

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