Adult with email associated with another Scoutbook account

I have an adult in my unit who cannot RSVP for events. I go into her profile to re-invite her to join Scoutbook to see if that will fix it, but it says she doesn’t have an email associated with her account. I add an email and it says there is already an account associated with that email address.
I’m not sure how to proceed but something needs to be merged or cleaned up.
Her name is:
Tracy ***********
Troop 619G Committee Chair
BSA ID# 135973015
User ID# 9745656


I did more investigating and have some information to share. When I go to her daughter’s account, then click on Tracy as her parent from there, then edit, she has a different BSA ID #(13729205) and user id# (2338801). This is the account I want to keep, and apply this account to her committee chair presence, if that makes sense. I think the other account, listed in my first entry, needs to go. Thanks.

@KatieDaughenbaugh She has 2 BSA member numbers, and her my.scouting account had the wrong one. She also had 2 Scoutbook accounts, which have been merged.

Her Scout had 3 Scoutbook accounts, which have also been merged.

Wow. What a mess. Thanks!

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