Email address being used on another account

After recharter this year,I got an notificatication that another user was using my email.
To my knowledge, I am the only one with my email

Rebecca Keller

SB User ID: 2447005

BSA Member ID: 12781651

@RebeccaKeller this is fixed

I have the same issue
SB id - 11682754
BSA id - 136493162

@MistyHamilton that is fixed

thank you so much! appreciate it

I am having a similar issue in getting the warning of 2 accounts associated with the same email.

An user is

Thanks for any help or advice in correcting this.


You have multiple Scoutbook accounts. I will clean this up for you.


This is fixed.

Thank you! It is much appreciated.

Same here,
The real me is:

SB 9885741
BSA 12811749

I appreciate the help.


You had 2 Scoutbook accounts. I have merged them.

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Apparently I have 2 SB accounts. The one I am currently using is:
SB: 13017057
BSA#: 126398166

I believe my son Greyson is on my other account, but my daughter (and my ASM status) is on the one referenced above. Can these be merged?

@RobertLester2 think you are all fixed

I am having the same issue. Thank you.

SB User ID:


BSA Member ID:


@johnsotomayor that is fixed

Someone created a new SB account using the same email. Can you please resolve?

My only SB account should be:

Joshua Cromer

SB User ID:


BSA Member ID:



You have 2 Scoutbook accounts, one in MI and one in SC. Which address is correct?

Michigan is the correct location.


This is fixed

Same issue here. SB user 9474789 and BSA 12163743